14 Of The Best Couples From Books

14 Of The Best Couples From Books

“I don’t know why but this ship is often forgotten and is very underrated! They are lovers, but on top of that, they are friends, and their friendship is amazing! They communicate and they are honest with each other and they have a very healthy relationship. Remember when Harry wanted to break up with Ginny because he thought he was doing the right thing? And Ginny, instead of going crazy, sat him down and talked to him about the situation and explained to him that she’d stand by his side no matter what. Gosh.” —Alex Potter, Facebook

“Not only were they both total badasses but she stuck with him throughout all of his drama and was there for him when he needed someone the most, and she was her own strong woman and a great girlfriend without becoming just the ‘girlfriend’ and he loved her unconditionally, and she even let him name their children basically what a Harry Potter mega-fan would name their kids.” —catqween

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