After 20 beers, he called an Uber. He made a $1600 mistake.

After 20 beers, he called an Uber. He made a $1600 mistake.

Kenny Bachman partied with friends Friday in Morgantown, W.Va. He drank too much — more than 20 beers and a couple of vodkas during the night, he says.

He never imagined that a “small” mistake would wind up costing him $1,600.

After the night of drinking, Bachman called Uber for a ride home but didn’t realize the address he put in was his address in Gloucester, NJ., 310 miles and a five-hour car ride away. He does live in New Jersey, but was in Morgantown for a couple of days.

Bachman, 21, told W Radio he’s not a “frequent drinker,” but that night he did drink a lot. Then he called Uber, fell asleep and woke up somewhere along the trip.

That’s when he realized he had made a mistake. And, to make things worse, had asked for the more expensive UberXL service, which uses SUVs.

When Bachman got home, his bill came to $1,600.

He tried to negotiate with Uber, but finally paid the bill and even gave the driver a five-star rating.

Uber confirmed that the 310-mile trip was made and that the driver took Bachman to the address he requested.

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