Chris Brown ‘Absolutely’ Regrets Grabbing Woman’s Neck: ‘He Wasn’t Thinking Straight’

Chris Brown ‘Absolutely’ Regrets Grabbing Woman’s Neck: ‘He Wasn’t Thinking Straight’

Chris Brown is remorseful after he was pictured with his hands around a woman’s neck at a party in Miami. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why he’s vowing to never be caught in a situation like that again!

With Chris Brown’s physical abuse history, many fans grew concerned when they saw pictures of the “No Air” singer seemingly choking a woman in Miami on March 26. And although Breezy and the mystery woman in the photo are insisting it was playful, he understands how bad it came across. ”He realizes how it looks, but it was absolutely joking around. He didn’t expect pictures to come out and have it become this whole thing. He wasn’t thinking straight and after reflecting over it and how it looks with his history, he knows it was wrong. And, he will not be caught in that position again,” a source close to Chris tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. What a relief!

Since Chris’ 2009 domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, he’s made some significant changes in his life. In addition to becoming a father to his daughter Royalty, Chris has made it his mission to be friendly with his exes. In fact, CB went out of his way to send his blessing to his ex-girlfriend Karrueche (who he dated off and on from 2013 to 2015) and her new man Victor Cruz. “They look really good together,” he wrote under a photo of the pair. So sweet, right? Plus, he even bought Rihanna an expensive piece of jewelry for her 30th birthday.

“Chris dropped thirty thousand on a diamond chain for Rihanna’s birthday. He sent it over with 30 red roses, a source explained to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Wow! Now, that’s a gift. Nevertheless, it’s clear Chris is a changed man, so we can understand why he wanted to clear the air in regards to the photo.

UPDATE: Chris responded to the pics via Instagram on March 29. See his message above!

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