Drake Fortnite Sesh w/ Ninja Was No Fake Love, Just God’s Plan

Drake Fortnite Sesh w/ Ninja Was No Fake Love, Just God’s Plan


Drake broke the Internet this week by hopping on a computer game with its most popular player — but the virtual appearance wasn’t a planned plug … Papi’s just a big fan.

Sources over at Fortnite — the battle-royale type combat game that’s super popular on the streaming platform, Twitch — tell TMZ that Drizzy’s Wednesday night sesh with Ninja was not a sponsored event or a pre-planned gimmick … on the contrary, it happened organically.

We’re told Drake personally reached out to Ninja last week on Instagram to set up a mutual time to nerd out and blow stuff up on Fortnite. Apparently, he’s a big fan of the game … following its accounts on social media and even having his own profile — TheBoyDuddus.

Our sources say Drake and Ninja did not signal they’d be online together Wednesday, and that the pairing came as a complete surprise. But, the love didn’t go unnoticed (or unappreciated) … we’re told Fortnite’s sending Drake a bunch of swag as a thank-you.

Fortnite’s also in the process of setting a celebrity NBA-style “Party Royale” gaming event in mid-June with around 50 celebs and 50 pro gamers. We imagine Drake will get an invite — Travis Scott and Steelers player Juju Smith, too … who also played with D&N last night.

As for how Drake did … word around the water cooler is that folks were making fun of him for being low-key trash. No biggie … he’s rich … and weirdly well-rounded.

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