Ford considering Focus-based tiny pickup

Ford considering Focus-based tiny pickup

The Ford Courier XL pickup sold in Brazil. (Photo courtesy Ford Motor Company)

According to a report from Automobile Magazine, Ford will introduce Focus-based compact pickup by 2020.

This new version would have nothing in common with the best-selling F-150 full-sized pickup, and the mid-sized Ranger, which is due out early next year. The new truck would be a very light-duty urban hauler, aimed at active lifestyles.

Ford already produces a small light car/truck combo in Brazil called the Courier, but the one for North America would likely be slightly larger, though still smaller than the Ranger.

That Focus-based compact Ford crossover is scheduled to make its debut here in the 2020 model year, and it will be built in the Cuautitlan, Mexico, assembly plant, replacing Fiesta hatchback and sedan production in that factory.

GM and Chrysler have similar vehicles that are not sold in the U.S.


Facebook says it has found a coordinated effort to influence to midterm elections.

Facebook says they don’t know who yet is responsible but they used profiles and advertisements.

The social network announced it had banned 32 pages and accounts that were engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior” and organized dozens of real-world events.


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The paid iPhone app is Minecraft.

The top free app is the 3D game Tenkyu.

YouTube, Messenger and Instagram are also in the top 5.


U.S. Workers saw the largest increase in wages and benefits since September 2008, according to a new report from the Labor Department.

Wages alone gained 2.8 percent over the past 12 months, which also reflected a near 10-year high.

Growth in benefits was also up.

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