Marijuana disposal boxes pop up at Las Vegas airport

Marijuana disposal boxes pop up at Las Vegas airport

LAS VEGAS – People catching a flight at the airport in Las Vegas can now get rid of any leftover weed before taking to the skies thanks to metal receptacles installed outside the facility.

Ten green metal containers were set up last week at McCarran International Airport in response to county officials banning marijuana possession and advertising at the facility last year.

The receptacles commonly referred to as “amnesty boxes” are bolted to the ground and designed so that marijuana and prescription drugs can only be dropped in, but not taken out. Airport staff said there will be 20 boxes across the valley, at McCarran Airport, North Las Vegas Airport, Henderson Airport and the rental car center.

“It is for any substance that should not be flown with that you want to surrender without facing the risk of consequence,” airport spokeswoman Christine Crews said.

Anything collected in the bins will be disposed of by contractors hired by the airport.

“These amnesty boxes are managed by a contracted service that has the expertise to dispose of these substances appropriately,” Crews said.

Clark County commissioners banned marijuana possession and advertising at McCarran in an effort to keep it in compliance with federal law.

“The best plan of action when you’re traveling is pack what you need, don’t pack what you don’t need, and you don’t need marijuana here at the airport,” Crews said.

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