The first ‘WarioWare’ game in five years comes to 3DS in August

The first ‘WarioWare’ game in five years comes to 3DS in August

The company touts WarioWare Gold as the largest collection in the series, with 300 zany micro-games to play. The quick reflex actions range from old classics like the nose picking challenge, to one where Wario does his best Vitruvian Man impression to knock away watermelons. The title looks to take advantage of the 3DS’s wide range of inputs: you’ll push buttons, use the touchscreen, tilt the system and blow into the microphone. Favorite characters from past titles will be back with new character designs, including Ashley, Kat and Ana.

While it’s disappointing that this isn’t being released for the Switch, last year’s 1-2 Switch did share a lot of DNA with the WarioWare series, thanks to its range of weird mini-games that took advantage of the Joy-Cons’ motion controls. But Nintendo hasn’t added anything to the title’s roster of 28 games since release. It also never had any of the things that make WarioWare games distinctive, like crazy characters, scenarios and great music. If you’ve missed any of those and still rock a 3DS, WarioWare Gold will hit shelves August 3rd.

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