Where does Coachella go after Beyoncé?

Where does Coachella go after Beyoncé?

Yes, we are still trying to recover from Beyoncé’s deliriously over-the-top showing at her historic Coachella set on Saturday night. 

There’s lots to unpack, and more time (and another viewing) is required, but one thing folks are still gobsmacked over is the sheer scale of the production, made possible with nearly 100 dancers and band members who helped the pop star bring her homecoming to life. 

For those who didn’t watch — or did catch the show, but didn’t get it — Bey framed her comeback performance as if it was the half-time show during homecoming, more specifically one set at a historically black college or university where the annual celebration is somewhat of a religious experience. 

Of course there was the muscular choreography she’s revered for, which stayed on theme by incorporating stepping and J-Setting — movement born out of black college life — and Beyoncé even created her own sorority, Beta Delta Kappa.

But at the core of her exhilarating performance was the marching band, which, like the rest of her set, was true to detail.

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